'Live The Life You've Worked For' with Dr. Jon Kolkin

Event has passed (Mon Feb 10, 2014 - Mon Feb 10, 2014)
5:00 - 7:30pm


This first pilot in the ASPIRE Wellbeing series offers insights into how individuals can integrate their personal life and professional life in such a way that both pursuits, rather than creating a constant tug-of-war, complement and strengthen the quality of the other. Participants will learn strategies to more clearly recognize their life’s priorities and gain better control over their hectic lifestyle, moving forward with a higher level of personal satisfaction and happiness.

Registration includes a copy of Tom Rath and Jim Harter’s book, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements with a link to an online self-assessment – the same assessment employees will take during the more comprehensive series.

ASPIRE’s science is based on the principles of 'neuroplasticity' the brain's ability to change itself by forming new neural pathways. Scientists have proven that it takes 30 days to make concentrated, positive changes in our brains. With our professional assessment tools, participants can actually chart their progress.

Future pilot series workshops will include 'How Paying It Forward Pays You Back,' 'Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow,' 'Master Your Mind, Master Your Weight' and 'Expect to Be Misunderstood'


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