LITTLE Ravens - Bilingual Art Class

Event has passed (Mon Sep 11, 2017 - Mon Nov 27, 2017)
Three Ravens
12:00 AM
Family & Children
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Come with your Little Raven and join a community of artists! 
Our art gallery is proud to announce classes for children at our diverse dream-space.
Your child will be exposed to learning in a creative environment, surrounded by the works our current exhibitions, and our newly formed co-op of local artists – this is a thriving and exciting environment to learn in. We are also a fully equipped music venue, which has many performance benefits for you and your Little Raven to enjoy.
We strongly believe in diversity at Three Ravens.  Not only will the art classes be taught in both Spanish and English, but the teachers come from many different cultures, which will open up a multicultural world for your Little Raven.
All Classes taught by Elaine Brotherton, 25 years experience.

BILINGUAL ART CLASS  (Spanish/English)
Introductory for first 3 months offer $10 per class! 
MONDAYS: 10am-10.45am • 11am-11.45am • 12pm-12.45pm
Ages: 2- 4 years
6 week schedule with 6 small projects and one collaborative project. Your Child will learn in our art class and you will not have to clean it up! Take advantage of our wonderful art space for your child.
? Fine and gross motor skills
? Hand eye coordination
? Spatial awareness with materials and body
? Understanding/awareness of taking turns
? Following instructions/listening skills
? Being creative/thinking outside the box
? Story telling/vocabulary
? Identifying new objects/tools
? Mixing paint/water/glue/glitter – science
? Understanding textures and experiencing them – sensory motor
? Freedom to use wood/hammers/fabric ect.
? Understanding the creative process can take time
? Collaboration
? Experiencing success and possible failure

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  1. Three Ravens 440 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA