[email protected] San Francisco 2018

Event has passed (Wed Mar 21, 2018 - Wed Mar 21, 2018)
The Pearl
09:00 AM
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[email protected] is an immersive conference for culture leaders and influencers.
Connect to the place you lead from.

Why attend [email protected]?
Connect and conspire with your people.
Go deep with 20 of your peers and connect with another 150+.
[email protected] is structured in a cohort model. Organized in “teams” of 20, you will move through the experience with a select group of peers.
Participants are assembled in teams of 20 where they can foster intimacy and share their experiences. These teams partner with other teams and larger groups for presentations from speakers, small group work and exercises of all kinds. Cohorts are a place to come back together to discuss ideas and integrate experiences over the course of the journey.

Expand your capacity to solve real problems.
Gather actionable tools from leading edge thinkers and practitioners.
[email protected] brings together today’s most relevant and cutting-edge people who work on work.
Our two days together are structured as a learning journey, designed to illuminate the art and science of leadership in the 21st century. We work with presenters to format their content into a highly usable format that you can bring into your own work.

Immerse and experiment with new ways of working.
Embody new ways of working together.
The entire [email protected] experience is carefully designed around reformatting our ways of being together. From the moment you arrive you will have opportunities to play, think and feel, differently. Discover new possibilities for yourself, your teams, and your company.

Nourish the leader inside of you.
Find a home for the part of you that cares deeply.
Rekindle your love for the people you work with, the work you do, and for yourself. [email protected] builds containers for intimacy and genuine human connection with people who understand you. Leave feeling supported, connected, and cared for.


  1. The Pearl 601 19th Street, San Francisco, CA