Letting Go, Letting In: Disconnection to Wholeness Workshop

Event has passed (Sat Dec 1, 2018 - Sat Dec 1, 2018)
The Nexus Center
10:00 AM
Sports / Fitness
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Have noticed your actions were same, over and over again, and though you expect different outcome, and things are ending with the same result? Have you forgotten how to change along the way? We understand. It is hard to deal with changes, especially on your own. If this situation feels familiar to you, then our workshop would be the perfect closer for your 2018.
2018 is nearly at an end. Now it is time to look back to see what worked and  what did not. We will identify your old stories, clean up the messes, acknowledge them, and reset to clear your mind and body back to blank slates. Then you will reboot and imprint new beliefs by core embodied practices.
Do you think this is hard work, and seems intimate for you? Don’t worry!
You will do the work with playfulness and light-heartedness, being gentle and expressive in a trusted safe environment, alone, with partners, and collectively together.
Come join us, escape the ordinary and play extraordinary!

Part 1: Vitality 101:Activate Your Vital CodeYour body is a treasure. Tap into the mystery of the body through alchemy of breath, movement, and sound in a trusted environment. Give yourself full permission to express your desire within. Experience diversified ancient wisdom with Western modalities to activate the floodgate of vitality and live an orgasmic passionate life 24/7. Why Not?!
Part 2: Intimacy 101: Disconnection to EmbodymentEveryone wants connections, yet this seems the hardest thing.Into-Me-See. We cultivate the mysteries of the subconscious world, retrieve, and restore soul-to-soul connection. A blend of imaginative, multi-level collective consciousness will guide us to an endless playground of self-expression and human potential through body language, primal sound and movement - alone and together - spontaneously.
Part 3: Duality 101: Exploring Spectrum of Duality (Masculine Vs. Feminine)Sexuality is Life-Force Energy! Reboot your mind and release outdated systems of domesticated gender roles to reclaim who you really are... Empower your sexuality by releasing physical and emotional blocks through guided movement, sound, play, and breathwork to express emotions without judgement in our trusted circle, then we meet halfway. Totality - the sacred space to create ritual for unity and harmony, beyond separation and rewrite the story of us as a whole.

You would experience:

Cacao ceremony for heart opening

Easy 3 step Quantum Breathwork and Meditation

Pelvis-Heart Integration movement

Cutting energetic cord to release past toxic relationships

Express your emotions, release stuck energy and old negative patterns

Shamanic Sound Healing

Embodied intimacy exercise (non-sexual)

How to turn on and off your duality of femininity and masculinity

Activating senses to elevate Intuition and manifest

What to Bring:
We will experience some sound healing, aroma theray, and hand-on healing work from Jummee.Please bring your own lunch, water, yoga mat, blanket if you have one.We have lots of free street parking near the studio.Wear something very very comfortable.Most importanly, bring your big smile, and your presence.

Who is Jummee?
As a “midwife of  transformation,” Jummee is a vitality coach who is passionate about helping people connect with their essential selves and natural state of joyful being.
She integrates her deep knowledge of Eastern religion and philosophy with a broad education in Western healing modalities including Zen meditation, Feldenkrais, anatomy, authentic movement, yoga, Tantra, breathwork, Chinese medicine, nutrition, and Taoism, among other practices.
She blends the essence of these teachings to provide an integrated healing experience for mind, body, and spirit, helping people feel healthy, vibrant, and joyfully alive.

More information of Jummee's work and testimonials, please visit https://www.JummeeMethod.com or Instragram/YouTube at Jummee Method.


  1. The Nexus Center 1436 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA