Laughs N Drafts-Free Comedy Show

Tue Jan 30
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Roses are red, violets are blue, we're getting laughs n drafts at Buzzworks and so should you (actualy violets are...violet).

Enjoy some beers and bites at Buzzworks while watching the Bay's best comics. Buzzworks has 40 beers on tap and over 120 bottled and canned beers. And the comics have plenty of jokes to keep you laughing till the last drop.

Tony Sparks
Former host of the longest running and most famous open mic in San Francisco. Fun and free ad-lib comedy style. An audience favorite.

Matt Gubser
"A true comedian…just a laid-back dude with a bone-dry wit.”
-San Jose Metro

“A sharp wit and a sexy brain.”
-Eureka Times-Standard

“Comedian’s Comedian”
-2014 Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy Awards

Matt Gubser performs across the country and internationally, touching on topics ranging fatherhood, dating, sex, politics, & religion, intermingling personal anecdotes and biting social commentary, all couched in a comfortable, relaxed delivery.

Matt was named “Comedian’s Comedian” in the 2014 Bay Area Stand Up Comedy Awards. He is a contributor to Savage Henry magazine, is part of the Ha Ha Heathens comedy tour, and performs around the country.

Wes Hoffman
Wes Hofmann is a comedian from the San Jose Bay Area and has performed at places all over California. He is a big Oakland A's and San Jose Sharks fan and displays his passion of sports throughout the year in his podcast called "Joke Strap." Other comedians like to remind him of his time on the local television show, Creepy KOFY Movie Time, where he knocked over part of the set when coming on stage.

Wes Hofmann

Jeen Yee
Jeen Yee is a Bay Area based stand up comedian. Born in Canada, raised in California, and having lived overseas for ten years, she’s delighted to be back in the Bay. Jeen has won performed around the world, including in Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Cancun. She’s performed in both English and Spanish, and is still working up the courage to do stand up in Chinese, as her family would be laughing at, not with, her. Her multicultural experiences and past work as a teacher lace her comedy with insight into humans of various ages and contexts. Onstage, you’ll find Jeen toying with perceptions, airing her family’s dirty laundry, and talking about her dog while secretly loving cats.

Jeen thinks laughter is the best sugar to make life’s medicine go down. And she likes awkward metaphors.

Faco has a radio show in San Francisco every Friday morning 10am til Noon o'clock called Spontaneous Innuendos on

K. Chheng
K. Chheng has appeared at The Punchline, Cobb's Comedy Club, and The Comedy Store...not performing, he's just appeared there.


  1. Buzzworks 365 11th St, San Francisco, CA