Language of Light Sound Journey

Event has passed (Fri Dec 8, 2017 - Fri Dec 8, 2017)
San Francisco Public Library - Richmond Branch
07:00 PM
Sports / Fitness
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You are warmly invited to the
Language of light Sound Journey 

An opportunity to:

Rest and be held in sacred space
Connect to hope and a new vision of humanity
Deeply grow and heal across the levels of mind-body-spirit

Vibrational healer, Jamie Lu, offers channeled wisdom, healing voice and Light Language (the language of the Soul).

Sound creates Light. Light, Frequency and Geometry is the creation language of the Universe.

The sounds Jamie transmits come from a place of unconditional love and presence for a world in the throws of great change, giving a compassionate passage to aligned solutions, peace and prosperity for all. Many have called the sounds "angelic", "wild", "purposeful" and "transformative".

Her gift of opening and expressing light and sound from the Divine realms of Consciousness helps the energy field of the body to free blocked life force energy. The sounds induce an immersive, meditative experience that can bring people into direct connection with their own Divinity for the purposes of spontaneous healing, personal growth and shifts in consciousness. Jamie is particularly known for her ability to help shift disease in the body, after healing a heart condition and thyroid disease on her own.

PLEASE BRING:  your own padding and pillows to ensure your comfortability. You may also consider bringing eye blinders to help you journey deeper.  There will be chairs and plenty of space to lay down if you choose.

$33 Cash at the door or online:

Co-Founder of the humanitarian foundation, Love Rising, she and her beloved Anthos mentor couples and individuals on Spiritual Awakening and run Life Changing retreats at sacred sites all around the world. All contributions to this event will go towards the humanitarian projects of the foundation, in service to the raising of consciousness of our world.
Personal sessions available: