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Boutique photography studio specializing in high end weddings and baby photography.

Past weddings have taken this in-demand photographer to The Netherland Antilles Islands, the Adirondacks, Vegas, Kauai and Cairo, Egypt.

"Her work shines."

"She's energetic, fun, and incredibly passionate about what she does. Her work is creative. Her work is stunning. Plus, she's a true pleasure to spend the day with."

Karina Marie Diaz captures the essence of the wedding day with an artistic touch of realism. Karina’s documentary style results in a personalized group of photographs telling the couple's distinctive story. From recording the little details to capturing the spirit of the bride, groom and everyone that makes your wedding memorable, Karina doesn't miss a beat. Designing wedding albums using her skills as a graphic artist; the heirloom books she produces resemble volumes of fine art. "Orchestrating these elements to sound the song my clients' wedding is a true gift for me."