Jessica Graham w/ Dixie De La Tour / Good Sex

Event has passed (Mon Feb 5, 2018 - Mon Feb 5, 2018)
The Bindery
8:00PM - 10:00PM


The Bindery is thrilled to celebrate the debut book of spiritual teacher, sex and intimacy guide, and author, Jessica Graham. Jessica will be reading from her new book, Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out. Joining Jessica in conversation is founder of Bawdy Storytelling, Dixie De La Tour.

Far from a cookie-cutter approach to sex, meditation and mindfulness, Good Sex shares Graham’s own transformation from traumatized, checked-out and disengaged to sexually awakened, inspired and in-the-moment. Her sex-positive attitude and inclusive, open approach to everything from non-monogamy to BDSM provides readers a safe space to explore their sexuality, and is supplemented with practical meditation, journaling and mindfulness exercises. In Good Sex, Graham teaches us about intimacy, love, fucking, compassion and our own hearts and minds, encouraging us to live our most authentic lives in and out of the bedroom.

Jessica Graham is a spiritual teacher, sex and intimacy guide, and author. She began studying meditating in earnest in 2008 and started teaching soon after. After a series of awakenings that radically shifted her paradigms, Jessica dedicated herself to helping others awaken. Her take on spiritual awakening is that it is a wild never-ending story that unfolds moment by moment. She doesn’t believe that there is a graduation date or a final perfect state. Jessica also has a great passion for exploring sexuality and helping others heal, evolve, and awaken sexually. You can learn more about Jessica and her work here:


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