JavaScript: To ES6 and Beyond

Event has passed (Tue Dec 18, 2018 - Tue Dec 18, 2018)
The Vault
06:30 PM
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What the heck are all these arrows (=>) and dollar signs (`Hello ${name}`) doing in this new JS code I’m seeing? What’s with these objects with no value pairs? JavaScript is constantly improving, and with it comes syntax changes and new operations we may not have seen before. With ES6, we’re able to do more while writing less code and making it cleaner and more concise.Join us as we explore this exciting new syntax, including let/const, template strings, and arrow functions, and work through hands-on challenges together. This is an intermediate level workshop, so familiarity with JavaScript basics is needed. And be sure to bring your laptop!How to find us: 

The Vault is located at: 415 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94111. There is street parking available around the location as well as a private lot next to the office, but you have to check the parking rates. To access the building, all you have to do is Press 1 on the keypad outside the door and they'll be buzzed in. From there go down the stairs and to the back.                                


  1. The Vault 415 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA