Introduction to React.js Part 02: Component Design and Data Flow

Event has passed (Thu Dec 14, 2017 - Thu Dec 14, 2017)
Rithm School
06:30 PM
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Looking to get started with or continue learning React.js?
One of the hardest things about React is learning how to architect a React app starting at a high-level. For example, how granular should the components be? Which components need to be smart vs. dumb? In this workshop, we’ll go over React component architecture and idiomatic React development in order to design performant, well-structured apps. We’ll cover things like class-based vs. functional components, downward data flow, and lifecycle methods.
Along the way we will be utilizing some JavaScript ES2015+ features: class syntax, destructuring and arrow functions.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Advanced Beginner or Intermediate level with JavaScript/Web Development

Node.js installed on your computer

Git installed / able to clone or download a repository from GitHub

Not necessary to attend Intro to React 01 first, but great if you do!

Important Information:

Please sign up to reserve your seat. If you do not do this, we cannot guarantee you a spot! Thank you in advance :)

Doors open @ 6:15pm. Lecture will start around 6:30pm. Come early, get signed in, grab a good seat and shmooze for a bit.

Bring your laptop! The workshop will be a combination of lecturing and programming.

If you want to sharpen your skills or review a few programming topics before the meetup, go ahead and use Rithm's Free Online Courses to prepare .

If you have any questions or concerns prior to this meetup, please reach out to the Rithm Team by emailing [email protected]


  1. Rithm School 3338 17 Street, San Francisco, CA