Intro to Vedic Meditation with James Brown

Event has passed (Mon Sep 17, 2018 - Mon Sep 17, 2018)
Vedic Path Meditation
11:30 AM
Sports / Fitness
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What if there was an easier way to meditate effectively?
I used to think real, deep meditation was hard. That it took a long time to get good at, and that it was hard to fit into my life. And I was convinced that my mind was too crazy to meditate. What changed for me was discovering the Vedic approach to meditation in which we sit comfortably and allow the mind to flow.  It's an approach that was meant for people with busy lives and even busier minds. If found the practice easy to learn and easy to do. (Really, I promise.) And so I did it, every day. Learning Vedic Meditation changed my life in so many ways, and now I get to teach this ancient, powerful approach to people from all walks of life. Perhaps you'll be one of them. 
If you're curious I hope you can join me for an intro workshop in which you can learn about the neuroscience behind what makes this approach work, and why it's such a great stress reliever. You'll also get to meet me and see if I'm the kind of teacher you click with...because nobody is everybody's teacher.
After the intro you'll be able to sign up for to take a course on which you can learn.
Hope to see you soon, James
In this intro session you will:
- Learn about an ancient Vedic approach to meditation that easily and effortlessly allows for deeper experiences, without trying to focus or concentrate to try and clear or control the mind.
- Learn what stress really is, how to separate good and bad stress, and why reducing the latter will uplevel your experience of life in so many ways.
- Learn how to meditate with noise and interruptions.
- Learn the difference between meditation and mindfulness.
- Learn about the two reasons your mind is crazy and how meditaton can help with both.
- Learn how meditation affects not just the mind but the body.


  1. Vedic Path Meditation 451 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA