Icaros: A Vision

Event has passed (Mon Sep 18, 2017 - Mon Sep 18, 2017)
Roxie Theater
Film / Television


Looking for a miracle, Angelina lands at a healing center in the Peruvian Amazon where shamans minister to a group of foreign psychonauts seeking transcendence, companionship, and the secrets of life and death. Her perceptions altered by the ancient psychedelic plant known as ayahuasca, she bonds with Arturo, a young indigenous shaman who is losing his eyesight. In their hallucinogenic journeys together they attain a different sense of their destinies. She learns to accept her fears while Arturo, in turn, realizes that he will be able to see in the dark and sing his ceremonial healing songs, the icaros.

Filmmakers Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi have deftly handled this drama by drawing from their own experiences, allowing for a uniquely stirring film that touches on the notions of friendship, familial bonds, and the fear of the unknown. Visually inventive and hypnotic in nature, Icaros: A Vision captivates with its meditative look at a little-seen world, punctuated by truly trippy depictions of ceremonial splendor.

Directed by Leonor Caraballo, Matteo Norzi; Written by Leonor Caraballo, Matteo Norzi & Abou Farman. With Ana Cecilia Stieglitz, Arturo Izquierdo & Filippo Timi. DCP. 91 mins.

“Mesmerizing…You’ll come out of it with your head spinning, in a good way.” Critics Pick.
— Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times



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