How to Talk to Kids about Hard Things: A Workshop with Margaret Boucher

Wed Apr 10
California Institute of Integral Studies - CIIS
06:30 PM
Family & Children
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Today’s world can be confusing, unfair, and difficult to explain. Children look to adults for guidance in understanding and navigating our world, but sometimes we feel unprepared to talk about difficult subjects such as racism, sexism, poverty, and politics.
This experiential workshop with psychologist Margaret Boucher supports you in having difficult conversations with the children in your life. Examine what makes particular conversations difficult, including the nature of the topics, your own childhood experiences, and the shared as well as idiosyncratic challenges that we all may face in having these conversations.
Explore the differences between a planned conversation vs. one a child brings up spontaneously and look at how the developmental level of the child shapes what to say and what to expect. Understand some of the pitfalls you may encounter, and how to recover when a conversation does not go well.
Join Dr. Boucher to learn how to have honest, responsible conversations with children about the complexities of our world.
Margaret Boucher is a faculty member in the Clinical Psychology department at CIIS. She received her Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College and her doctorate at CIIS. She is a licensed psychologist, providing treatment to children and adults in her private practice. Dr. Boucher specializes in working with children and adults with anxiety and depression, parenting support, identity exploration, cross-cultural issues, life transitions, relationship challenges, gender and sexuality, and trauma and recovery. Dr. Boucher is also a supervisor in the Ann Martin Center’s school-based program, where prior to supervising she worked as a staff psychologist. She has a particular interest in thinking about clinical work and supervision in school-based settings.


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