Fri August 3, 2018

How to Master Silicon Valley Mindset


Pictured above from a prior Pitch Globally event : Silicon Valley legends (from left), Vish Mishra (Clearstone VC and longterm President of TIECON); Roger Royse, Owner of large Tech Law Firm, Royse Law; Bill Sautter (Galaxy VC and first US employee of Business Objects which SAP acquired for $ 8 b), Roger King (Founder Bay Angels). See the video at:
You are invited to participate at the all day startup bootcamp on 3rd August 2018.
You will learn about the Mindset of investors, your customer, from the man who trains them.
How to Master Silicon Valley Funding & Mindset –1 day [email protected] SF with lectures and hands on workshops by seasoned Mentors and Thought Leaders.
The curriculum covered by KC (watch him speak about this bootcamp , is called "Things you Need to Know" and includes:
Ø Bootcamp Process and Takeaways
Ø Start-ups and Angel Investors
Ø Risk recognition and management
Ø Team Structure and Suitability
Ø Fund-raising: Planning and Execution
Ø Investment Structure
Ø Use of Proceeds
Ø Technology and Products
Ø Sales Marketing & Distribution
Ø Intellectual Property
Ø Legal & Regulatory
Ø Corporate Governance.
Ø Growth and Exit
Ø Due Diligence and Getting an Investment.
Once you learn about the Mindset of Investors who you are Pitching to and can think like them, KC will take you to the depth of your Mindset and teach you to change it. He will also help improve your Pitches as well as talk about how you can acquire a Silicon Valley Mindset and Network with investors better.

At the end of the day, every attendee will have a structured plan for the next steps.
Please email [email protected] for further questions

11.00AM– Welcome Keynote by Kaustav Chaudhuri, Founder of Pitch Globally LLC and author of “Design Your Mindset for Success”.
11.30:AM- 12.30:AM – Startup Funding and Finance: Kaustav Chaudhuri will share his experience on how to raise funding, work with angels and VCs, and launch products. Bring your pitch deck, to present.
12.30-1.15 PM – Legal Aspects and Intellectual Property for Startups -
1:15PM –2:00 pm No Host Lunch Break
2:00pm “Acquiring Silicon Valley Mindset”. What is a Generative Mindset and how do you maximize your Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Drawing from KC's book, Design Your Mindset for Success”, Kaustav Chaudhuri will discuss the characteristics that set Silicon Valley leaders apart. KC will cover principles of Motivation, Growth, and dealing with Failure. Are you drawing from your reptilian brain or your generative mindset?
You will learn from entrepreneurial leaders on how they grew their companies by:
• Cultivating collaborative habits
• Converting weaknesses into strengths
• Anchoring strengths to your principled values
• Harnessing creativity by being innovative and entrepreneurial
3:00 pm -Networking and Leveraging your Ecosystem
• Magnifying your impact by exercising power and influence
• Maximizing stakeholder value
• Globalizing by crowdsourcing customers, suppliers, partners, capital and talent worldwide
What does your org chart look like? Who would you ultimately like to connect with? We will provide you insights on you can most effectively network, and help develop a networking plan for you to achieve your goals.

4:00 PM– Startup Culture and tools for communicating your brand – From an organizational point of view, we will discuss how workflow and productivity is influenced by company culture and what blocks growth. Networking, storytelling and messaging. This is an interactive session, where you can gain feedback on your brand communications.
Please email [email protected] for further questions.
About the Presenters:
Kaustav Chaudhuri – Kaustav an author, speaker, advisor, and thought leader and the founder of Pitch Globally, with chapters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and London. Mr Kaustav Chaudhuri, also known KC Wisdom. Mr. Chaudhuri has a vast and profound knowledge of the ins and outs of startups. He built a tremendous network of key people that spans the entire value chain of startups in the heart of Silicon Valley. KC was part of a team of Silicon Valley experts who wrote “The First Mile (John Wiley), a book on entrepreneurship. He is also the author of Design Your Mindset.

Any questions? Email [email protected]
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Pictured above from a prior Pitch Globally event : Silicon Valley legends (from left), Vish Mishra (Clearstone VC and longterm President of TIECON); Roger Royse, Owner of large Tech Law Firm, Royse Law; Bill Sautter (Galaxy VC and first US employee of Business Objects which SAP...
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