Hotel Nia

200 Independence Drive, Menlo Park, CA
+1 650.900.3434
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Hotel Nia offers a new approach to high-end hospitality with intuitive technological innovations, Mediterranean-inspired Californian cuisine, a coffee bar and café, a distinctive pool scene, and more.

An 11-story building of gleaming glass designed by the Cunningham Group, Hotel Nia captures a modernist style accented by organic and natural materials, all custom-designed furniture, and thought-provoking artwork. With 250 guestrooms and nine suites, including the luxurious Nia Suite, the hotel boasts a spacious ambiance featuring a lush courtyard with outdoor gardens, a lively outdoor pool scene, a state-of-the-art fitness center with floor-to-ceiling windows, and numerous indoor or outdoor nooks and spaces, all wired - and wireless - for business.

"Hotel Nia offers what Silicon Valley is missing right now - a hotel with all of the conveniences required by local professionals, combined with elegant, intuitive design elements that appeal to business and leisure travelers visiting the area," says General Manager, Simone Harms. "From our expansive lobby and lounge area, to our Mediterranean restaurant with a California influence, our property offers guests space to shine, room to think, and environments that promote the freedom to relax."

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