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8217 International Blvd, Oakland, CA
(510) 638-5704
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Holiday Fish Soul Food and Seafood Restaurant was established in 1972 by Mrs. Boyce Logan (Ms. B). A celebrated business woman, Ms. B through dedication, hard work, and good food built a soul food brand that has survived generations and decades of change, growth and economic fluctuations while remaining a fixture in the East Bay community. Lauded as one of the oldest soul food restaurants in the Bay Area, Holiday Fish is family owned and operated, currently under third generation management by Ms. B's grandchildren.

Taking the baton from their grandmother, the grandchildren have been able to resuscitate a neighborhood pillar into a thriving family of brands dedicated to community outreach, service and the simple quality of Classic Southern Comfort Food. Our menu offering is a legendary collection of African - American and American soul food with a common theme: healthy, flavorful and familiar. Our goal is to enhance the lives of our consumers by serving up delicious food.