Hecho en MÉXICO

Fri May 11 (full schedule below)
Roxie Theater
Devil’s Freedom 7pm
Film / Television
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Hecho en México includes some of the most acclaimed and striking documentary films from Mexico in recent years. The series explores the role that cultural and social values play in the memory, identity, and resilience of today’s Mexican society, delving into themes of adaptation and resistance in the face of adversity. From the trauma of drug-war related violence, to the challenges of extreme environmental conditions and the daily struggles of indigenous peoples, these films provide a portal into real Mexican lives, telling compelling stories and illustrating social challenges in the best tradition of documentary filmmaking. Outside of a few film festivals, these films have never been shown in the United States. Presented by RoxCine.


Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
Fri May 11 (Devil’s Freedom 7pm)
Sat May 12 (Maize in Times of War 4:30pm (English subtitled version); Plaza de la Soledad 7pm)
Sun May 13 (Maize in Times of War 2pm (Spanish subtitled version); The Swirl 4:30pm; Artemio 6:45pm)


  1. Roxie Theater 3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA