Grand Leader Market

600 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA
(650) 589-2928
Food & Drink, Grocery Store
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The most popular sandwich shop in San Bruno. Its so good that its a place where cops, hobos, local criminals, gangster wannabes *cough cough LPL*, and local wierdos come together. It is a unifying place where someone living in San Bruno can actually feel a sense of community.
The sandwiches are made carefully by the employees out of fear of their boss, known as the 'Bossman.' His partner, the tactless clown Miguel, is known for having the mindset of a teenager trapped in a 45 year old man's body. With the leadership of these two men, they were able to turn around the destructive business practices of the previous owners and turned Grand Leader back to its former glory... kind of. Grand Leader was originally a grocery store until the opening of Mexicana Produce, when it all went downhill. When the present owners bought the store, they turned it around and focused on the deli section in order to compete effectively against the other local businesses. Now, Grand Leader is primarily known as a sandwich shop for the general population and a liquor store for the alcoholics.