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Sat Sep 14, 2013
Artists' for Television Access (ATA)
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Inaugurating its Fall 2013 season (and 29th year!) on Saturday, September 14, ATA Gallery’s Other Cinema presents INFORMATION WARS, a program that asks and answers questions about new networks of knowledge being developed and exploited in personal, corporate, and military environments.

Headlining is Ben Lewis’ Google and the World Brain, a feature documentary on the tech giant’s plan to digitize the world’s libraries…and the people trying to stop it.

WikiLeaks: The Forgotten Man is a half-hour Australian report on the circumstances surrounding the release of a trove of US military secrets by Private Bradley/Chelsea Manning, and how it played out in relation to Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks project.

David Cox and Molly Hankwitz of the SF-based artist-group Archimedia present "Under the Glass,” a 25-min. lecture-demo on the history of the head-mounted display, from Jaron Lanier’s "virtual reality" through Steve Mann’s "sousveillance" (surveillance from below), and into the advent of consumer-use of Augmented Reality, embodied in the new Google Glass device.

ALSO on the bill is the premiere of Laura Poitras and Jenny Perlin’s Providence, a short built around the leaked testimony of Bradley/Chelsea Manning during the Fort Meade trial.

PLUS early 16mm computer-educational films for the season-opening reception. AND always free vinyl and VHS!

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