Golden State Theatre

417 Alvarado Street, Monterey, CA
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When it opened on August 6, 1926, the Golden State Theatre was the last word in movie presentation, and it wasn’t a recorded word, as movies with sound were still over the horizon. Seating 1600 people, it was the largest theatre between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and could hold 25% of Monterey’s population. It featured modern miracles that were cutting-edge for 1926: hidden lighting that imitated a colorful sunset; an electric seat annunciator system that helped the uniformed ushers seat patrons quickly and efficiently; an emergency generator; an electric central vacuum; and an internal/external telephone system...

In October of 2004, volunteers and the community at large were thrilled to learn that a gentleman from southern California, Warren Dewey, had purchased the theatre from Regal Entertainment Group. His plan to restore the theatre to its 1926 glory, making it once again a true performing arts center...