Girls in Tech Bootcamp: Intro to SQL

Event has passed (Sat Feb 24, 2018 - Sat Feb 24, 2018)
General Assembly - San Francisco
01:00 PM
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What is SQL: 
SQL is a language that's used to query, modify and update data in databases, tasks commonly associated with data scientists and data analysts. 

About the Bootcamp:
This workshop will give you a basic introduction to SQL, and you should expect the following:

Students will leave the class knowing how to perform basic queries & data manipulation tasks.
Students will understand the basics of SQL in order to answer specific questions using their data. 
Students will be prepared to tackle more advanced topics in SQL. 

Required Materials:
1. Laptop

About the Instructors:
Instructor: Jeff Li
Before pivoting to Data Science, Jeff was a consultant in Technology Consulting. He got interested in Data Science through an attempt to be a pro-poker player. He now works as a Data Scientist for an education technology startup, Dataquest. 


  1. General Assembly - San Francisco 225 Bush Street, 5th Floor , San Francisco, CA