"Gateway to Silicon Valley" Training Program

Event has passed (Mon Aug 21, 2017 - Mon Aug 21, 2017)
HACK Temple
09:00 AM
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Founders in the Valley enjoy an unfair advantage – they already have the best resources, training, education and network at their fingertips. International founders are just as smart and capable, but it takes time to learn the rules of the game in Silicon Valley.
Gateway to Silicon Valley eliminates that gap for global founders whether you are already here or want come to Silicon Valley, we can get you up to speed so you can start playing on the same field as seasoned locals.
You will walk away with:
You’ll discover the foundations of establishing your business in Silicon Valley, with topics that are customized to suit international founders and new startups. Figure out how to break into the national market, legal issues, how to incorporate your startup legally, and more.
“Gateway to Silicon Valley” is a complete crash course for international startup founders to successfully utilize the unique ecosystem of Silicon Valley and propel your business in the US. 
Growth is Silicon Valley’s native language, so expect to grow in these two weeks as much as you would have in two years at home.
This comprehensive program gives you the best foundation for building a global business and maximizing your chances of success in the US.

Real-life actionable steps to structure your business and attract investors

Tips to run business development and close deals

Actionable insights to profitably market and grow your business

Blueprint on how to navigate your business in the US, from landing to expanding nationwide

 For more details, and to check out the daily schedule, visit http://www.sviacademy.com/gateway.php


  1. HACK Temple 906 Broadway, San Francisco, CA