Garage Mahal Presents: Caravan of Love - our 2nd Annual Get Your Heart On Bash

Event has passed (Fri Feb 14, 2014 - Fri Feb 14, 2014)
Public Works
9:00pm – 4:00am
$10 - $15


We travel our whole lives, searching for truth in a world of wonder. We carry our possessions upon our backs and our hearts in our hands. The wheels turn in rhythm. Our heads bounce in time. The light ahead is red and the sand swirls in our eyes.

Suddenly, the air is clear and we are among friends. We rest our Caravan of Love in the lee of a rocky outcrop. The music gets louder, bouncing off the walls. Many beats become one. Our feet move on their own, our hands in the sky.

The Caravan of Love has arrived!

Join Garage Mahal for our 2nd annual Valentine's Get Your Heart On bash at Public Works on Friday, February 14th - a celebration of love, laughter and life.

We have put together a lineup of your favorite DJs and two rooms of heart beats to get your pulse racing and keep you dancing all night long. And to get your heart beating even faster, we'll be selling $5 raffle tickets for a Burning Man 2014 ticket at the door.

DJ Lineup:
Dusty (Garage Mahal)
Laura McGourty (Living Room Dance Party)
Deckard (Space Cowboys)
Tamo (Space Cowboys Angels of bAss)
ViaJay (Angels of bAss)
Mancub (Space Cowboys)
shOOey (Space Cowboys)
DingDong (Brass Tax)
Mace (Brass Tax)
Jonathan Will (Pink Mammoth)
Gravity (Pink Mammoth)
Dave Mak (Deep Technique)
Trav (Seismic)
Clarkie (Dusty Rhino)

$10 before 10:30; $15 after 10:30.

The Caravan of Love. We hope you'll come along for the ride.

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  1. Public Works
    161 Erie Street , San Francisco, CA

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