Future of Pharma: Designing Drugs with AI

Event has passed (Thu Dec 6, 2018 - Thu Dec 6, 2018)
06:00 PM
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Join us for a symposium bringing together leading experts who will unveil concepts, approaches, and technologies for drug design that could transform the future of pharma, critically analyzing the opportunities and challenges toward widespread adoption. Artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere, with applications in almost all fields of modern science. From robotics and biology to chemical engineering and healthcare, excitement surrounds the potential of AI to further digital healthcare. How might we define “intelligent behavior” in the context of drug discovery?
Recent advances in adaptive robotic systems, automated chemical syntheses, and biological testing, as well as AI systems, are poised to improve the design process for tomorrow's drugs. However, such approaches raise considerable conceptual, technical, and organizational challenges within a storm of hype and skepticism. We will evaluate the feasibility of fully autonomous molecular design with the aid of computers and robotic devices, to determine which tasks are suited to a chemically savvy artificial intelligence, and which should remain in the domain of the skilled human mind.
6:00pm — doors open 6:30pm — content starts 8:00pm — networking 9:30pm — doors close
Chris Luebkeman
Chris Luebkeman is an Arup Fellow and Global Director of Arup Foresight. His interest in the built environment blossomed early, propelling him to pursue a multi-faceted education, beginning with engineering and culminating in a Doctorate in Architecture from ETH in Zurich. In 1999, Chris joined Arup as the co-Director for Research and Development and formed the Foresight, Innovation and Incubation team, which has evolved into Research + Foresight + Innovation.
Additional speakers to be announced.


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