Four Elements Fitness

153 17th Street, Oakland, CA
+1 510.593.2342
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Health & Wellness, Health Club, Personal Trainer, Sports & Recreation, Martial Arts
Sun (Closed)
Mon - Thu (6am - 8pm)
Fri (Closed)
Sat (9am - 12pm)
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Fitness & Self-Defense From a Martial Arts PerspectiveGroup Classes  / Personal Training / Guest WorkshopsEveryone Has Athletic Potential...whether it's latent, unimaginable, or already in full effect. And every body wants to move. Four Elements Fitness is a FUNctional training gym committed to helping our members develop their physical potential. We help them identify their own physical objectives and the most efficient way to get there, all in a fun and supportive environment.  We are hard as hell when needed and push you to develop mental toughness and humor-under-duress by offering you plenty of growth-inspiring opportunities to reach your objectives and learn some applicable street skills.+Badass ExpertsBadass experts who have focused our lives around fitness, athleticism, physical training and self-defense for many years. +Community BuildingHelping others reach for and achieve their best selves.+Safe SpaceProviding safe space for exploring movement and embodiment.+Functional FitnessDesigning fun, effective training programs.Come Try Our Classes:*Combat Pilates *G.T.F.U.*Hustle & Flow*Power Bottom/Power TopPhysical conditioning * Basic weapons training *Four Elements Fitness is a dog-friendly, body positive, WOC and queer owned gym.