Find Your Love Flavor: Vanilla is Just the beginning presented by Dr. Liz Powell

Event has passed (Fri Dec 22, 2017 - Fri Dec 22, 2017)
Armory Studios
07:00 PM
Sports / Fitness
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Do you ever feel like you don't even know what all the kinds of relationships are?Are you uncertain whether you're more lifestyle, bedroom, or occasional kink? Have you discovered that some relationships don't work for you but don't know what style might work better?Are you dying to know how to make an open relationship work?
Join Dr. Liz Powell as we explore finding your own path in relationships. We will discuss the pros and cons of relationship styles from monogamy and "once in a blue moon" kink to relationship anarchy and 24/7. We'll focus on how to approach any style you choose in a way that's ethical and respectful of your partner(s) so that you can be sure you'll have no shortage of folks to play with. In the world of love there's no "right" way so let's look at this big buffet of choices to pick the best mix for you!
Presnter Bio:As a licensed psychologist (CA 27871, AZ 4315) and coach, I specialize in helping you build your most fulfilling, authentic life. I teach, write, and consult on areas of sexual diversity and pleasure, non-traditional relationships, and sexual empowerment.


  1. Armory Studios 1800 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA