Feldenkrais®, the Brain that Heals itself

Event has passed (Sat Feb 3, 2018 - Sat Feb 3, 2018)
The Center SF
02:00 PM
Sports / Fitness
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In this two hour somatic workshop of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons, you'll experience the remarkable capacity of your brain to change and transform to improve the state of your physical and mental health.  

Prepare to lay down on a yoga mat as the teacher (Shara Ogin) will guide you through gentle exploratory movement sequences all geared to improve certain aspects of human functioning.
You may be surprised by your body’s fast ability to grow wiser and improve it’s functioning no matter your age or condition.

Many people who have pain or mild states of discomfort often report it decreases at the end of a Feldenkrais lesson.

This class is appropriate for you if:

You are a computer user and are experiencing even the first signs of repetitive stress.

You have back tightness or pain or any other physical pain conditions.

You want to improve your balance, agility and sports performance.

Occupational & physical therapists, yogis, or people in the health and wellness fields who want more tools in their toolbox and a novel perspective on healing.

Anyone interested in being more embodied, developing greater body awareness, mindfulness, focus, concentration, and relaxation.

“I really enjoyed your class and, knock on wood, my back pain is much decreased!  Each morning I have been doing some of the routines you taught us.  And I'm eager to learn more.”
Fran 06/2017 

Date: Sat Feb 3rd
Time: 2:00-4:00 PM
Cost: $30 prepay, $35 at the door
Location: 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

What to wear/bring: Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.  We have a limited number of yoga mats so it’s optional if you’d like to bring your own.


  1. The Center SF 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA