Far East Cafe

631 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA
415 9823245
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Food & Drink, Restaurants, Chinese Restaurant
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By far the fanciest Chinese restaurant we've ever seen, the Far East Cafe is deceptively inexpensive; although you'll dine in a mahogany-panelled room draped with red velvet curtains, you'll pay a pittance for some really yummy food. The dim sum is uninspired - you won't find anything exotic on the menu - but quite tasty. Our favorites included some solid standbys: fried crab claw, pork siu mai, steamed barbecue pork buns and roasted chicken feet. We found the service a little grim, but who can complain? While seated in that opulent, royal room, we felt like little princesses. A great place for weddings and banquets.

- Excerpt from Tamar Love's article SF Dim Sum Review