Evocateur: The Morton Downey, Jr. Movie

Event has passed (Wed Aug 28, 2013 - Wed Aug 28, 2013)
Roxie Theater
7:15pm, 9:30pm
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The Morton Downey, Jr. Show was only on the air for twenty-three months, but those twenty-three months saw its host’s notoriety skyrocket and plummet like a supernova made of garbage and bile.

The entitled son of a famous crooner, Morton Downey, Jr. spent much of the second half of the twentieth century drifting from (and quickly flaming out of) careers like poet, songwriter, anti-abortion activist and radio DJ. But it was in a crummy TV studio in New Jersey where he found his true calling as a loud-mouthed faux-populist everyman who spoke the truths the liberal media wouldn’t.

And then it all came crashing down, but he managed to drag popular culture with him.

EVOCATEUR: THE MORTON DOWNEY, JR. MOVIE is a hilarious, fascinating and sometimes infuriating snapshot of the moment when TV tipped over into the toilet. It features interviews with Sally Jesse Raphael, Pat Buchanan, Alan Dershowitz, Richard Bey and Curtis Silwa. Reverend Al Sharpton refused to be interviewed for the movie, but there is a lot of between-commercials footage of him. Chris Elliot thoughtfully recites Mr. Downey’s poetry


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