Essential Mixology

Event has passed (Sun Jun 25, 2017 - Sun Mar 25, 2018)
Infusion Lounge
12:00 PM
Drinks, Clubs


Essential Mixology

This is our magnificent flagship course. A SIX hour course designed for the serious connoisseur or professional bartender and is an all inclusive class crammed into one day.

Take a sensory journey and learn how to taste:

The different dimensions of balance
The importance of alcohol and the structure it provides
The expression of flavors
10 sub-catagories of cocktails

Learn the latest trends and methodologies in bartending and cocktail creation.

Stirring vs. shaking and thermal energy
Techniques for special garnishes and other accents
The pros and cons of liqueurs
Ratios, formulas, rules, and the logic behind them

Team up with classmates at your own unique Mini-Craft Bars!

Play with dozens of exotic liqueurs
Use your own set of fresh juices, homemade syrups, bitters, and tinctures
Innovate and produce your own cocktail
Go head to head with other teams

Take home secrets in providing a top notch cocktail program at either your professional bar or home. Get behind the bar and create your own signature fine cocktail. At the end of the day, you’ll get to take home a hand selected custom bartending tool kit.


  1. Infusion Lounge 124 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA