Dungeons & Drag Queens

Event has passed (Sun Jul 13, 2014 - Sun Jul 13, 2014)
Borderlands Books
3:00 PM
Literary, Author Appearance


MP Johnson will read from and sign his new Eraserhead Press book, Dungeons & Drag Queens.

Attending in drag is optional but encouraged. Swords must be left outside during the reading and signing (unless the event is marauded by orks, in which case swords are also encouraged).

The event is free. Copies of the book will be available to purchase.

From the back cover of the book:

What happens when a small town drag queen gets sucked into a realm of sword and sorcery and forced to do much more than lip-sync for her life?

After a weird wizard transports Sleazella LaRuse to the realm of Houmak, Green Bay's number one diva must battle to save her life and protect the lip-syncing, potty-mouthed persona she's worked so hard to cultivate. Will her bones be devoured by the gnawing nipple-mouths of slavwolves or crushed by the brutal Blada Femma? Worse yet, will she find love amongst the scum sailors and slopulating sky serpents? Will she win this glamorous game of thrones? The answer is clear in the most fierce and fabulous fantasy epic ever.


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