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103 International Blvd., Oakland, CA
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Suigetsukan translated directly: Sui is the Japanese word for water, Getsu means moon, and Kan stands for hall.
The word suigetsu comes from a Buddhist teaching which holds that regardless of where a pool is, however wide or deep or whatever color, the moon will always reflect in the pool, as long as the pool is still. In the same way Suigetsukan Dojo will show students their own capabilities, provided the students are prepared to learn.

We are a not-for-profit martial arts Dojo (training-hall) in Oakland, California offering traditional Japanese martial arts. Suigetsukan is committed to making martial arts more acceptable and understood to the public. We are dedicated to a supportive and integrative teaching environment as well as to the ongoing and committed practice of our arts - so that the artistry of martial traditions will continue to be available to those who seek it - and to maintaining the valuable teachings which martial arts can provide...