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11:45 am
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Sure, technically all it takes to make a Bloody Mary is a can of mix, some cheap vodka and a stick of celery. But that’s like getting the Grand Slam at Denny’s and calling it “brunch.” You can do better than that.

In this workshop, Gillian Fitzgerald from Virgil’s Sea Room and Kelly McVicker of McVicker Pickles help you pickle your veggies AND your liver—all in one class! During the first hour, Gillian will take you behind the bar to show you step-by-step how to make a classic Bloody Mary, and how to put your own twist on it using different types of alcohol and secret ingredients to make it shine. Kelly will then teach you how to pickle veggies like green beans, Brussels sprouts and carrots to use as creative garnishes (with the added benefit of soaking up some of that booze from last night.) You’ll end the class by tasting your creations and toasting yourselves for making your next brunch at home so much better.

Each student will leave class with a jar of pickled treats, a jar of Bloody Mary mix, and recipes and tips to make sure you don’t forget all you just learned.

About the teachers:

Gillian Fitzgerald is part owner and full badass bartender at Virgil’s Sea Room. She learned the basics of booze as a wee lass in Ireland, and has been perfecting her skills on the San Francisco bar scene since 2008.

Kelly McVicker is the owner and operator of McVicker Pickles. When she can sneak away from the kitchen, she likes to hop on the J down to Virgil’s and play jukebox hero while sampling Gillian’s latest cocktail invention.

Sunday, December 15th, 12:00PM-3:00PM


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    1798 McAllister St, San Francisco, CA