Detox 101 with Botanical Nutritionist

Event has passed (Sun Jan 21, 2018 - Sun Jan 21, 2018)
GLOW Yoga & Wellness
12:30 PM
Sports / Fitness
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January is naturally a time of cleansing the system, so it makes sense to start a fresh following the Holiday festivities. What doesn't always make sense is how to go about it. What we sometimes fail to remember is that we have these incredible bodies that strive to detox every single day.
Doing a cleanse should really be focused on supporting our bodies detox organs, such as the liver, to go about what they do best.
Botanical nutritionist Lara Williams will be at the stunning Glow Yoga Studio to walk you through
- anatomy of the detox system
- typical signs that you need to cleanse
- herbs to support detox organs + how to take them
- 5 simple things to incorporate into your daily routine

Tasty, cleansing elixirs will be provided by Willness Co.
Lara is also offering free 30 minute nutrition consultations for the first 5 attendees. 
See you there xx


  1. GLOW Yoga & Wellness 1548 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA