Desire, Food & Body Image

Event has passed (Sun Dec 10, 2017 - Sun Dec 10, 2017)
10:00 AM
Sports / Fitness
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How often are you plagued by what to eat? Compare your body to another woman’s? Work out compulsively so you don’t gain weight? Stare in the mirror and hate what you see? 
Desire, food and body image. Some of the most compelling and difficult topics for women.
Do you know what you want? What would it take to say yes to desire? That is a question we often ask here at OneTaste.
Hello. I'm Rachel Hemsi. When I first came to OneTaste I thought what a silly question. I want things and if people would just give it to me I could be happy or if I could meet the right people or had enough money. Turns out the only that was was needed – from living a life of being lonely and shy and alone – was for me to change. To believe in myself and sayyes to my desire. Everything changed.
 I used to be a very large (300lbs), depressed, shy, VERY SINGLE woman. Nothing I was doing was working (therapy, diets, self help etc.. ) Then I found OneTaste. The more I am surrounded by OneTaste and Orgasm the more I get. I am now a happy, healthy weight, married woman who wakes up every morning glad to get out of bed and face the challenges of the day. I am not that special. I said yes to my desire and let OM and OneTaste give me a life I had always wanted. 
I will be teaching a one day course where we will explore our connection to our bodies, food and desire. You will walk away with good friends, a deeper understanding of your desire and a feeling of joy and saturation at having remembered your feminine power.
About Rachel Hemsi
Rachael Hemsi is a OneTaste Senior Staff. She has the personality of a New Yorker and the disposition of a life long spiritual practitioner. Today she credits OM with taking all of her sensitivity, which at one point felt like it was too much, and turning it into a powerful, loving, fierceness. Being with Rachael is like dancing for joy in a rainstorm. Love is different once you have been loved by her; a beam of light into your murky subconscious, she cares for you the way a mother does. Following a seemingly chaotic, but exceptionally deliberate path, she shakes the timbers of your being and moves you around the world (often quite literally). She will give you everything she has to make sure you become who you want to be, because a long time ago she committed to living in service to a love deep, true and forever.


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