Design Your #DreamLife with JohnBlaze

Event has passed (Sat Jul 15, 2017 - Sat Sep 16, 2017)
Karma Yoga
01:30 PM
Sports / Fitness
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This workshop series will inspire you to design the life of your dreams. We will move through a physically invigorating practice that combines the power of yoga with visual meditations, and aims to uncover what you value most. 
Through proven mindfulness techniques and the power of goal setting, you will develop a clear roadmap to make it a reality. This is an all levels practice for beginners and advanced yogis alike with a focus on posture development. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that is way more than just physical.
This is a three part series and each class will build on the last. There is more of a benefit to coming to all three, but they can each be extremely impactful on their own!

JohnBlaze is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and coach dedicated to helping you uncover the limitless possibilities that exist in your life. He is absolutely obsessed with creating experience that connect you to your body, inspire you to live in abundance and uncover your purpose.

"It is not an exaggeration to say that JohnBlaze changed my life. His approach is direct, empathetic and empowering. He doesn’t accept surface-level answers to the hard questions and challenges you to dig deeper to unveil the hidden truths we often mask from ourselves. JohnBlaze provided tools to help identify my beliefs and encouraged me to assess if they were ideal or actual. Together, we designed a framework to filter my decisions though the lens of ‘does this action support me in achieving my goals’; this has single-handedly made the difference in feeling as though my dreams are a foreign fantasy and recognizing that my dreams are in fact attainable so long as my values remain in the forefront of my consciousness." - Kaitlynn Murphy
"JB has this amazing ability to grab you and pull you through a yoga class like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. His energy and movement throughout the room encourages and inspires me to push myself to try new poses and feel accomplished. He is very hands-on and physically helps his students hold and get into new poses with strong attention to alignment. He is very connected and is an absolute inspiration. He is a ball of energy that carries me throughout the day well beyond the yoga class!" - Jessi Patrick
"JB has an energy about him that instantly makes you feel comfortable and at home and like you're in exactly the right place. Even within a group setting he puts energy into each individual and oozes a genuine enthusiasm for what he's teaching and sharing. He has an incredible sense of humor so you're sure to laugh but at the same time he was able to talk seriously and on a deeper level. I feel very lucky to have met JB and will be forever thankful for his guidance and support at such a crucial time in my life." - Amy Armstrong


  1. Karma Yoga 1906 Union Street, San Francisco, CA