December 8th Achievement Shoot (Indoor Distances)

Event has passed (Sat Dec 8, 2018 - Sat Dec 8, 2018)
The Archery Range in Golden Gate Park
08:30 AM
Sports / Fitness
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This is an indoor distance achievement shoot.  For more information about achievement shoots, see our pages about adult achievement.  Most everything applies to youth as well.  
Rules, restrictions, etc.   If you arrive late, you may not participate in the achievement shoot. Checkin starts at 8:30am.  If you arrive at 9am, you won't have any time to warm up before you have to start scoring.   Scoring starts promptly at 9:10am.   Get to the range early if you want practice time. You may only shoot in one class with one type of bow on this day.  You must choose:

adult or youth category; and

barebow, recurve or compound

And stick with that combination for the whole day.  
Schedule You should checkin at 8:30am and warm up.  Achievement shoot begins promptly at 9:10am.      
Fees Paid up students of Golden Gate JOAD may participate in the achievement shoot for the standard one lesson cost. Others must pay $20.  
Requirements - Golden Gate JOAD students    To Participate in the Acheivement shoot, you must be a member of or join USA Archery.   Adults (over 21) and Youth (21 and under) who participate in our achievement shoot for any pin must have already taken our introductory class on a previous date; and All shooters must have practiced on the target they are shooting at the expected distance for one full class before doing the achievement shoot.   If you have not earned all your pins from Golden Gate JOAD, you will have to get approval to shoot for an advanced pin from head coach David Chan.    What pins have I already earned?  What pin do I need next? See our achievement status page for your current score and your next requirement.


  1. The Archery Range in Golden Gate Park 902 47th Avenue, San Francisco, CA