David Ryan Haris

Wed Aug 27, 2014
The Catalyst Club
$12 - $15
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Born in Chicago. Raised in Atlanta. Live in Los Angeles. I heard music, melodies and stories in my head as a child. They never went away and I hope they never do.

After experimenting with drums, piano and other instruments in my teens I began my love/hate affair with the guitar. So, there it is: I am a soul singer who plays guitar. And sometimes: I am a guitarist who sings soulfully.

Drawn to the blues after hearing songs by Son House, Robert Johnson and others and growing up at a time when Prince, Parliament/Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder and other musicians were stretching the boundaries of popular music I began to understand that music could not and should not be limited by our often narrow views of what it should be.


  1. The Catalyst Club
    1011 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA