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Crowdfunding may soon cross its nascent industry chasm, as Brazzle Berry (www.CrowdFundBerry.Com) is crowdsurfing in the New Year on a MAVERICKS size crowdfunding campaign, and a creative Christmas wish-list innovatively designed to ride the A&E Network ‘Project Startup’ wave.
While traditionally only non-profits and other social ventures have thrived on crowdfunding sites like, the lingering ramifications of the credit crises on start-up small- business loan opportunities have recently converged with social networking and crowdsourcing technology to make Rewards Crowdfunding a lucrative alternative for lonesome bootstrapped firms like Brazzle Berry. The Half Moon Bay, Ca based QSR start-up is seeking $10,000 in working capital financing by creatively delivering social value to peer and consumer networks through unique rewards and experience s, as opposed to further bootstrapping growth through high-interest credit card debt.
Brazzle Berry’s campaign creates an industry paradigm shift by validating the economic viability of “Business- Crowdfunding” in a new realm of Customer-Financing. Foremost, it foreshadows crowdsourcing’s quintessential future of connecting people at local levels to create innovative brands benefiting communities, above all else. The creativity of the 150+ (www.CrowdFundBerry.Com) rewards range from traditional 40%-70% discounts to local businesses (AquaBeautyLounge.Com, Oceano Hotel and Spa, Butler Golf, HMBTaffy.Com, Coastside Original, SofaOutlet.Com,…), to virtual Bitcoin offers and a 1,000 Oz. virtual acai bowl in SecondLife.Com. Geographically appealing Mavericks Surf Shop clothing, 2014 MAVERICKS INVITATIONAL tickets, and LIVE surf competition (private boat) viewing passes highlight the coastside pride at the heart of the campaign. Exclusive rewards feature a modern “ hipster” rendition of timeless V-J Day 1945 “Kissing in America" (Fine Art Painting By Brendan Foster), Bay Area sporting and event packages (Stanford Cardinal, S.F 49ers, S.F Giants, Oakland Raiders, San Jose Sharks, Deep Sea Fishing), and the opportunity to eat Brazzle Berry, forever, in perpetuity. Socially conscious crowds can sponsor a youth mentee and mentor to meet over Frozen Yogurt for a mentoring treat. While an illustration of a reward with truly creative demand is $100 in “Children’s Good Behavior” vouchers redeemed by parents upon approval of children’s chores, grades, and discipline.
Brazzle Berry Partner, David Seated added, “We’re hopeful that offering “Groupon” size discounts, “Living Social” style experiences, and “Kiva” social cause marketing efforts direct to consumers will resonate long-term, and prosper into an annual source of experience driven customer-financing and engagement.” While the idea of seasonal crowd funding campaigns may initially connote marketing resonances of brand saturation for seasonally cyclical QSR’s, Brazzle Berry’s belief is that investing in loyal customers by crowdsourcing royal rewards has dually beneficial and compounding economies of scale. Primarily because reward expenses can be controlled and internally designed at a deliberate lower overall cost of capital compared with debt or equity financing, moreover because direct customer engagement will (almost*) always be more cherished, than a financially equivalent monthly bank interest payment.
Despite the inherent risks and time consuming nature, it became clear crowdfunding was the only realistic financing alternative for the debt burdened small business with big dreams and a working capital structure Seaton calls “too small to fail”. Thus, Brazzle Berry intuitively launched on primarily because of a lucrative partnership between the innovative crowdfunding platform and A&E Netw ork’s Project Startup. As the media network best known for Duck Dynasty, A&E’s new Real Life Change initiative (ProjectStartup.Com) is designed to support the businesses of aspiring entrepreneurs through active participation in community town halls, workshops, seed investments, and future A&E network entrepreneurial programming feature spotlights.
Seaton stated, “I’ve always been passionate about getting various ideas and entrepreneurial ventures launched, but my competitive drive to create a crowdfunding campaign distinct enough to capture the heart and mind of A&E, arose from a burning desire, competitive drive, and deep conviction that A&E Networks Project Startup could be a catalyst for my own personal transformational life change. A&E provides me with an invaluable opportunity to utilize my 10,000+ past hours of small business experiences, to educate future entrepreneurs, and potentially emerge into a crowdfunding expert.”
To demonstrate his c ommitment to paying the experience forward, Seaton is building http://www.CrowdFundingCentral.Org which is envisioned to serve as an imminent educational resource: hosting small conferences, monthly meetings, weekly conference calls, and providing general crowdfunding content, analytics, and predications for interested Crowdfunding stakeholders.
Crowdfunding may soon cross its nascent industry chasm, as Brazzle Berry (www.CrowdFundBerry.Com) is crowdsurfing in the New Year on a MAVERICKS size crowdfunding campaign, and a creative Christmas wish-list innovatively designed to ride the A&E Network ‘Project Startup’ wave. Wh...
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