“Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism” Conference

Event has passed (Fri Apr 18, 2014 - Sat Apr 19, 2014)
UCSC Humanities Department
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UCSC Humanities 1, Room 201

Over the course of the year, the Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism Research Cluster has brought together scholars from UCSC and beyond for an interdisciplinary inquiry into the history and future of the capitalist world-system. A few focal points have arisen: the history of separation from the means of subsistence, and the emergence of market dependence and waged labor; the interpretation of the history of economic thought, and its relationship to capitalist development; the political problem of work, as a process generative of capitalist subjectivities, and a horizon of post-capitalist imaginaries; the constitution of family forms, and practices of gendering that reproduce capitalist social relations.

The eponymous conference of the cluster, April 18-19, will provide a framework for collective discussion of the theoretical questions that have been raised over the course of the cluster’s events. It will also be a space for generating the research questions that the cluster will pursue as it continues its activities.

For more information, and an agenda, please visit Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism: http://ihr.ucsc.edu/capitalism-conference/


  1. UCSC Humanities Department

    1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA