Conversations About Landscape: Climate, Carbon, and the Changing Arctic

Event has passed (Thu Dec 15, 2016 - Thu Dec 15, 2016)
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Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere are dramatically altering our planet’s climate and environment. By far the most rapid changes are happening near the North and South poles. Join us for a polar perspective on climate change research as we converse with scientists working north of the Arctic Circle.

We’ll talk via satellite with Bryan Thomas, Station Chief for the Barrow Observatory in Alaska, part of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory. Thomas’s lab is responsible for taking measurements and maintaining instruments at the northernmost point in Alaska.

Barrow Observatory is one of five stations worldwide that tracks the state of the atmosphere measuring carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. Through these precise, long-term measurements, scientists have charted increasing carbon dioxide levels from the burning of fossil fuels, and have helped demonstrate their connection to climate and environmental changes worldwide, including the melting of Arctic sea ice and glaciers, warming oceans and land masses, and disruption of seasonal weather patterns.

This program coincides with the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, a gathering of 24,000 Earth and space scientists to discuss the latest discoveries and trends in environmental, climate, and earth sciences.


  1. Exploratorium
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