CONNECT | Photo Opening: Celebrating the American Muslim

Event has passed (Thu Jan 18, 2018 - Thu Jan 18, 2018)
World Affairs Council
06:30 PM
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Questions about the rights, trustworthiness and value of the American Muslim community have become central to our political debate. Why?
It’s no surprise that the vast majority (over 80%) of our media coverage involving American Muslims and Islam is negative. This unfavorable portrayal has had serious consequences for the United States, both in how we Americans perceive our fellow citizens and how the outside world perceives us. Yet, the majority of Americans do not even know a Muslim. This special traveling exhibition by Muslims for American Progress aims to change that. Meet Rahaf Khatib, a stay-at-home mom and international marathoner, Ray Essa, a Detroit police officer, and Zaynab Salman, a public high school history teacher. These are just three of the dozens of individuals profiled in this moving exhibit celebrating the contributions and diversity of the American Muslim community. Join us as we host Principal Investigator Rebecca Karam who shares the research and richness behind this extraordinary and much-needed exhibit..
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Rebecca KaramPrincipal Investigator, Muslims for American Progress


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