Club Caribe

1001 S 1st St, San Jose, CA
+1 408.297.7272
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An upbeat hangout where Latin music is king, Club Caribe is a favorite spot for anyone who loves to dance. Folks are generally lined up around the corner to get into this hot little dance club where Salsa music dominates Thursday nights, and most other nights offer high-energy Latin beats from live bands. Most nights, Club Caribe is packed with a sharp-dressed Latino crowd who can be found sweating it out on the dance floor between rounds at the bar. The signature drink is the deadly Jarritos, a Cuban mixture of fruits and liquors that's deliciously sweet, deceptively potent and dangerously easy to drink.


A midsize club catering to a large Mexican and Latin-dance crowd with lots of banda music and DJs. Provocative dress not required, but probably necessary to stand out, judging from the 'chicas, chicas, chicas' pictures on the club's website. -- Metro Bars & Clubs, June 16, 2010