Citizen Cupcake Café and Bar

2 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA
(415) 399-1565
Sun - Sat (10am - 10pm)
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Think back to the cupcakes of childhood days. The delight you'd get out of those little mounds of cake smothered over with thick chocolate frosting, usually topped with sprinkles or multi-colored dots, and individually wrapped with creased, colorful wax paper. But really, let's admit it, that cake was just a vessel for the frosting. Fast forward to the newly opened Citizen Cupcake Café and Bar, attesting that these treats aren't just for kids, and that they can be a very sophisticated, adult dessert with depth.

Citizen Cupcake, which spawned from Citizen Cake in Hayes Valley, Elizabeth Falkner's den of decadent desserts, offers a sampling of savories and sweets from the mother patisserie and restaurant. The stop-and-treat café and bar is located in the heart of downtown, at the tiptop corner of Virgin Megastore. It's a great casual place to breakfast, lunch, do dessert, or regain your energy post-media splurge downstairs. -- Gloria Tai