CBCB Berkeley

3033 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA
+1 510.849.4201
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Health & Wellness, Alternative Medicine, Cannabis, Dispensary
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CBCB is a community known for providing alternative health services that has included medicinal cannabis for years. Going to CBCB is not just about fulfilling a need but about allowing yourself to enjoy an experience beyond the space of your daily routine. With years of expertise and research behind it, CBCB is staffed with professionally trained individuals that draw upon scientific research to assist patients in finding a regimen that best alleviates their symptoms. When it comes to knowing what's best, we are part of your circle just as much as you are part of ours.


Yes, years back following passage of Prop215 was when I first learned of CBCB. Originally I visited San Francisco until I discovered the closer CBCB was. Surprisingly after a number of drop ins I had opportunity to VOLUNTEER with weiging and manufacturing LABELS and I enjoyed it as a dream come true for myself. i did this every week for FOUR YEARS. In fact I was at Christmas time Santa Clause. I enjoy all the Staff and Visitors. If I still lived in Bay Area I would continue going.