Canton Seafood & Dim Sum House

655 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA
(415) 495-3064
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This two-story Cantonese restaurant on the border of Multimedia Gulch features a full lunch and dinner menu, plus dim sum served the traditional way - from rolling carts. While the seating procedure is a bit erratic (our hostess kept shouting out what size tables were available, leaving it to the queued-up guests to fight it out), once you're at your table, you'll enjoy the interesting decor, which includes gilt dragon screens and wall plaques, an enormous live seafood tank and an abundance of silk roses. The dim sum - while a little doughy - is quite tasty and inexpensive. Favorites were the fried shrimp balls and steamed vegetable dumplings with shiitake mushrooms. A great place for weddings and banquets. Canton Deli available for to-go orders.

- Excerpt from Tamar Love's article SF Dim Sum Review