Calming Anxiety & Stress with Cannabis

Event has passed (Thu Jun 14, 2018 - Thu Jun 14, 2018)
Cambria Gallery - San Francisco
5:45pm to 7:30pm
Class / Workshop, Marijuana / Cannabis, Health & Wellness, Lecture / Discussion


Calming Stress & Anxiety with Cannabis

In this interactive workshop we will discuss how to treat anxiety & stress with cannabis.

Are you feeling anxious and stressed? You have a lot of company. Anxiety often creates the feeling of panic, uneasiness and fear. While anxiety can be a normal part of life, anxiety disorders now affect over 40 million Americans—that’s 18% of the population.

The good news is cannabis can also have a direct effect by lessening the intense feelings of anxiety. New research shows that when patients are treated with cannabis, not only did their subjective levels of stress decrease but so did biological markers such as cortisol levels. This happens because compounds in the plant, such as cannabidiol (CBD), stimulate the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptor.

In this interactive discussion, HelloMD will speak with Alison Ettel, the Founder of Treatwell, to learn the “what” and the “how” of treating anxiety and stress with cannabis. We will discuss how to manage anxiety and stress with cannabis

Some of the questions we will cover in this workshop:

How does cannabis work within our bodies?
Why does cannabis work to alleviate anxiety and stress?
What part do cannabinoids play in the treatment of anxiety?
How does cannabis help anxiety in lieu of pharmaceuticals?
What cannabis products work best in the treatment of anxiety?
Do I need to be “high” in order to treat my anxiety and stress?
Alison Ettel has worked with patients that suffer from anxiety and stress across CA and has anecdotally seen the results that cannabis may provide.

This fireside chat will be followed by an audience Q&A where everyone has a chance to ask their questions.

This event is $5 to attend and is a non-consumption event.

Event Format

5:45pm Doors open/Meet and greet with refreshments and nibblies

6:00pm - 6:45pm Fireside chat with Alison Ettel of Treatwell

6:45pm - 7:15pm Q&A with audience

7:30 Doors close

About Treatwell:

TreatWell was founded in 2015 to provide the highest-quality cannabis products for both people and pets. The company specializes in non-psychoactive options for medicating with cannabis including high-CBD ratios and raw acidic compounds. The brand is on the cutting edge of marijuana research, as well as incorporating the latest techniques to better help patients. TreatWell believes in pursuing the highest quality from seed to final product, which results in a better-tasting and more-effective product.

Presenter: Alison Ettel

Alison is the CEO and Founder of Treatwell Health, one of the most popular and respected cannabis brands in California. Alison has a varied professional background from Wall St. to think tanks plus gaining a few masters degrees in between. Her true calling, however, came after trying cannabis while recovering from a coma from meningitis. After studying and researching the plant, she became passionate about providing high quality cannabis medicine for others and to raise the bar for the industry overall. Alison uses years of anecdotal data from Treatwell’s extensive patient database in conjunction with research and scientific data to consistently innovate product development beyond the industry standard.

Moderator: Larry Lisser

Larry Lisser's a seasoned entrepreneur and specialist at helping new-gen companies get to market and in building partner networks that leverage industry ecosystems for growth.


  1. Cambria Gallery - San Francisco 1045 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA