California Soundscapes

Event has passed (Thu Oct 20, 2016 - Thu Oct 20, 2016)
Northbrae Community Church
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
City, Educational Event, Discussion


Join us for a visual and auditory tour of 16 fascinating California soundscapes in surround sound. Dan Dugan will introduce you to the theory of soundscape analysis, demonstrate the difference between mono, stereo, and surround sound, and share a brief survey of the available equipment. Learn how our national parks are struggling with soundscape preservation, and how natural sounds are documented by nature sound recordists in 2 styles - species hunting and soundscape recording.

Dan Dugan, technical mentor for the Nature Sounds Society, is the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer. His products currently facilitate PBS NewsHour, ESPN sports commentary, and presidential debates.


  1. Northbrae Community Church
    941 The Alameda, Berkeley, CA