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121 Industrial Way, Belmont, CA
(650) 592-5700
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The California Guitars® Story

I got my first Fender guitar when I was about twelve. Although that guitar is long gone, it occupies a place in my imagination. As a builder, I focus on capturing the undeniable magic of the guitars of the '50s and early '60s. While each of our instruments is unique, we take pride in the fact that our creative processes are largely informed by the legendary methods and artistry that have made those old guitars so desirable.

The "Soul" of an old guitar...

I am often asked to explain what we do here to nail the vintage tones so reliably. My answer is that any good guitar is a "conspiracy" of many little things, done well. Although we use the finest materials, parts and finishes available to us, our guitar feels and sounds like an "old friend" because it was created by an individual artisan whose work met this simple, but challenging standard:Until we clearly hear the "soul" of the old guitar, we keep working.
“Find the guitar you left behind...”