Build + Bloom San Francisco Workshop

Event has passed (Sat Feb 24, 2018 - Sat Feb 24, 2018)
SF Studio Smith
11:00 AM
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this workshop is geared towards photographers that are looking to grow their personal brand and create better content. we teach creatives how to not be mediocre; how to build a brand, create better content, and make a career out of their passion. below are our 3 core concepts we focus on.

PHOTOGRAPHY —from dreaming to delivery.
the first course in our workshop is focused around photography!you will learn how to set up a photoshoot; from concept boards, working with vendors, posing models, to file organization and image delivery.
the first section is centered around creating a concept and building out a team. a couple of the things you will learn are how to contact vendors for collaboration work, and finding models in your local area. then we will dive into the basics of studio photography! covering lighting, posing, and interacting with models. every person who attends will get one-on-one time shooting with jessica, having the ability to ask specific questions about their own technique.
on the other side of the room, we will have another set of models you will photograph. this is being done rotation-style, and stewart will be there to help with any additional questions!
once we have wrapped up the photoshoot portion of the course, we will dive straight into the third and final section— post-processing! we will cover everything you need to know, from editing to exporting. we will share our personal file organization and backup systems, how we export images, how we deliver images to clients, and more! from start to finish, you will learn everything stewart and jessica personally do, broken down step by step for a photoshoot. 

SOCIAL MEDIA—value profit over popularity
the second course in our workshop is all about social media, focusing on instagram. instagram can be an overwhelming and daunting task, with so many features that are constantly changing. jessica and stewart will teach you everything you need to know about making a profit through instagram, and not just creating a portfolio of your work. you will learn how to become profitable with the followers you have, rather than popular with faceless followers.
this includes how to grow your own instagram account organically while targeting ideal clients in your areas of interest. we will go over your current profile and how to optimize it, specific hashtags you should be using, gaining both followers and engagement, and the strategy you can continue using long after the workshop has ended. this is the very same technique both jessica and stewart use to grow their own accounts.jessica has trained various individuals and businesses in instagram and has personally been able to see revenue come in with her own account using these strategies. for example, jessica was able to book an out-of-state wedding at the the prospect park boathouse in brooklyn using this masterplan. you will learn how to do the same, from start to booking. we will scale instagram down into bite-sized portions and at the end of the day, you should feel successful and not shy when it comes to social media.

MARKETING—building a personal brand and client base
the last thing we will cover in our workshop is marketing yourself and building your personal brand! we want you to leave feeling like you have all the tools necessary to get paid for your work and work with your favorite brands / models. we'll go over the programs we use to generate leads, send out mass mail mergers, create pitches for brands, measure analytics on influencer posts, and much more.
stewart has used his knowledge of marketing to travel and shoot for brands across the world, and organize huge influencer and media campaigns for them! 
this part of our workshop is what sets us apart from any other community. we're not only giving you the tools to succeed, but teaching you how to use them.
ready to get started?! we cannot wait to meet you and help you start living your dream! at the end of the workshop, you should leave feeling confident in your new abilities and motivated to dive into your creative career. just simply scroll up to register!


  1. SF Studio Smith 1440 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA